The Amateur Radio Emergency Service, organized under the American Radio Relay League,  provides communications to the community and various served agencies when normal communications are not available or are severely reduced. Our members are all FCC licensed amateur radio operators that are trained in radio communications, message handling, multiple modes of radio communications, and in the FEMA Incident Command System. When primary communication systems are disabled or overburdened, ARES members can setup in most any location needed.




Riverside County ARES mission is to develop and maintain the leadership and organizational structure necessary to provide radio communications support to community agencies and the people in and around the Riverside County area of Southern California whenever:

  • Conventional communications are inadequate to meet the public safety or humanitarian needs;
  • Amateur radio resources may help facilitate response or recovery in any emergency situation;
  • Lives and property can be protected; Human suffering can be relieved; Amateur radio resources may help facilitate effective activities performed for the good of the general public;
  • It is necessary, under any and all circumstances, to ensure that no community goes without essential communication.


Riverside County ARES strives to enhance the reliability, quality and professionalism of Amateur Radio Emergency Service personnel by:

  • Establishing training and performance standards, policies and procedures, and;
  • Providing management and supervision of amateur radio operators registered with this organization that may be activated to provide communications on behalf of served agencies and clients requesting our assistance.


Riverside County ARES pledges a commitment to preparedness and service in protection of public health, safety and welfare by encouraging innovative leadership and individual responsibility which enhances the reliability and excellence of amateur radio emergency communications. We motivate amateur radio operators to excel in all facets of emergency communications and recognize those who exemplify our Emergency Communications (EmComm) philosophy.


Riverside County ARES members reflect the following qualities and personal values:

  1. We are responsible and accountable
  2. We demonstrate integrity and initiative
  3. We are truthful and respectful of those we serve
  4. We are, above all, dependable and trustworthy
  5. We strive to maintain personal growth throughout all activities
  6. We are competent to perform our assigned duties and responsibilities